25 thoughts on “gatekeeper”

  1. I smile every time I look at this (clever, funny, nostalgic!) It’s got that extra something!

  2. Congratulations for new business! I just find out. best of luck and you never know who’s going to contact you! Well, when I have enough time and money to spare up to the region for leisure (this means not for work). Your business site looks fantastic, clan and easy!

  3. Love it a lot! What a finest moment, Lachezar. I don’t know if you waited someone to come out(or in), but you were well reworded! Great shot!

  4. Great capture, Lacho, and perfect sense of humor! The lady looks very strict, be careful! :) Cheers!

  5. Perfect. I hope you did not get accused of stalking for standing outside a ladies room with a camera.

    Was there a similar painting outside the men’s room?

    My wife and I were in Auckland last year. Beautiful city and country.

  6. Brilliant! This is fall about funny and perfectly captured with the lady coming out of the loo, even down to her red pants that emphasize the red in the mural. Just love it. Perfection for today. I love the humour of the artist and your photograph.

  7. What a brilliant capture … the door was interesting enough on it’s own but with the lady in the perfectly right garb walking through it … amazing.

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