Mt Eden and the Big King


Mt Eden Rd. captured from the Mt Eden summit. At top left you can see the water tank on top of “The Big King” the one cone left of the 3 Kings Volcano. The other were lost because of extensive quarrying during the past century…

3 thoughts on “Mt Eden and the Big King”

  1. Yeah, only a two minutes drive from the city. What can I say Guys, it is the ‘Burbs – no skyscrapers! Oh, by the way Auckland is built on “hills” (read extinct volcanoes). Forget how many.

  2. Hard to believe, that this is the same city as from your previous pictures with the skyscrapers :) I like this endless house pattern with the red roof-points!

  3. Fantastic townscape! I find it amazing that you don’t have skyscrapers here. And it’s unusual to see a hill right in the middle of town. I like it.

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