Maidenhair trees


 A spot of bright yellow in a cloudy gray day, this grove of Gingko Biloba trees in the Cornwall Park was planted in the mid sixties.
I don’t know what is the tree with the red flowers in the foreground, but it provided for a nice colourful contrast…

5 thoughts on “Maidenhair trees”

  1. Beautiful picture! And, it’s very healthy to have a rest under the Gingko Biloba and breathe deeply, of course :)

  2. Supposed to be the oldest known tree on the planet. Not just a beauty from spring to autumn but a medicinal source and has an edible nut. Reminds me of Japan. I was unaware of their existence in Auckland so long ago. Like the contrast with the evergreen, need a close up photo of the flower to see what it is.

  3. Almost all leaves a re gone around here. This is really a something… that… I would say a striking colours!

  4. Astonishing! I loved it! I had no idea that a plant with a so much ugly name like Gingko Biloba could be so beautiful!

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