14 thoughts on “feet”

  1. Love the shot. Because the guys are wearing black the feet are so noticeable. The whole photo tells a story.

  2. This is such a complete shot: it retains its context; it retains its light; it retains its focus on subject. Whereas so many of the rest of us, just took a photo of feet, you have taken a photo with feet in it.

    Love that …

  3. I wish my feet were with them! I wonder if the water is cold…I’m guessing so as it appears they are in wet suits. Interesting.

  4. Auckland feet meet New Zealand feet! Surfer feet and friends’ feet beat the heat! Greet boy feet and girl feet! Wet feet, sandy feet, wetsuit feet! What a FEET treat on an ocean street! EAGAN daily photo feet greet from my Minnesota street!

  5. I was planed to go to the beach for taking today’s shot, but it was too cold. Well, I finished the some work on my car in the garage, instead.
    We do not have many surfers except kite surfers, here. This is very nice. They must be a family.

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