ready to go


All set and ready to go.
“unsettled weather” as the met service calls it, is good for photography…
captured at the Orakei Marina, Auckland.

10 thoughts on “ready to go”

  1. Nice shot! I like the colours of the boats and sails combined with the threatening clouds and whisps of cloud in the background, cheers :)

  2. This dramatic light seems to be directed by you or you must have special connections to the light director!:) – simply perfect! Cheers, Lacho!

  3. Great backlit on the sail and contrast between foreground and background, very dramatic.

  4. I like the array of almost rainbow like colours against the semi-dreary gray background…

  5. I sure would buy you a coffee if I were in Auckland! This is terrific. I love the the story the picture is telling, having lived there for over 38 years, I feel the message, know the ending.

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