28 thoughts on “shadow in flight”

  1. You have frozen so many elements into this photograph. It is a treat for the eyes: the rock itself is such an amazing structure, the colour of the water(s), the horizon and then the bird and its shadow. I like this a lot.

  2. That is a photograph. It goes well beyond the constraints of the Theme Day meme. Amazing.

  3. The form of the rock is amazing, the color, the light and the composition are beautiful and besides, the shadow, make a wonderful moment to enjoy!

  4. This is absolutely per..fect!!
    The site,the rock are already quite a sight but with that surprise shadow It’s a gift !

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. I didn’t see the shadow of the bird until I read it. You sure captured it perfectly!

  6. How fantastic. Somehow I’d have expected the shadow to be elsewhere. It’s a great image that really makes you think – but it makes you feel great. Superb. Bravo!

  7. Holy hoo-hah. These last two shots of yours are really exceptional. I thought this was a pretty good Cathedral Cove pic, then I saw the shadow…

    Probably the most striking shot I’ve seen you post.

  8. This is a spectacular image. The first thing I noticed was the shadow at the bottom of the rock. Then I saw the bird. Just a gorgeous shot. Bravo.

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