below the yellow wrapper

Yesterday’s image was taken by the end of November last year.
I went today to snap an update. The yellow wrapper was gone, the
building facades along Fort Street and Jean Batten Place slowly returning
to their original glory…

7 thoughts on “below the yellow wrapper”

  1. How brilliantly white. The window panes also look interesting – they seem to be in sections and break the light well.

  2. Ah, that’s fascinating to see the building unveiled as it were – and still with a touch of yellow up top. The two parts of the building seem to blend really well.

  3. It is interesting to compare two shots. I’m also surprise how quickly that sky compare at back is build up compare to our little renovation seems to be taking ages.

  4. Great to see what it looks like now. I was actually in Auckland in November and remember seeing that construction site because it was near my hotel.

  5. The old/ new mix looks very stylish and elegant, but I sow you’ve taken away the blue color. Maybe the reality looks not so nice. But the photo is perfect! Cheers!

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