yellow wrapper

The building wrapped in yellow is what remains of the historic Art Deco Jean Batten building by Architect John Mair.
The elevations along Shortland Street, Fort Street and J. Batten Place have been preserved
and are being incorporated into the facades of the new Bank of New Zealand tower.

A bit of history:
This government building was named after world famous first New Zealand woman pilot Jean Batten. In October 1936, at the end of her solo flight from England – the first ever direct flight from England to New Zealand completed – the Auckland City Council named a street Jean Batten Place in her honour. Batten was also the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia and back, and the first woman to pilot herself across the South Atlantic, and was one of the first New Zealanders to establish a reputation of international renown in any field. Following its completion in 1942, the new building was formally named after Jean Batten Place enshrining her name in its title and associating the structure with both modern New Zealand achievements and glamour. (excerpt from: Historic Places Trust)

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13 thoughts on “yellow wrapper”

  1. Great photo and very interesting story! Hopefully the incorporation of this elegant building into the new one will be also nice!

  2. Jean Batten surely wasn’t yellow!

    Beautiful composition – love the way it has turned out, very nice for the theme day!

  3. Really nice composition. I love that you found and used this! I enjoyed learning about the aviatrix and that historic facade preservation has become common practice. Cool post!

  4. That net must be a trend in NZ. I have seen that when our local bridge was taking it’s paint job done. I have posted the shot before and, boy, this is much larger scale. It must be a great sight that whole building is warped with this. A yellow must have some relation with birds?

  5. Ha…at first I thought you might have accomplished this with photoshop…nice to know I was wrong and surprised. I also enjoyed the history.

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