7 thoughts on “apartments”

  1. Wonderful architecture pattern – and this magnetic blue as background! Attractive picture, I like it!

  2. Another piece of architecture. Is it appealing or frown on? I believe there will be mixed response. It also depends on the surrounding buildings whether is this a beauty or sore-thumb? Nevertheless, each piece has it own unique beauty.

  3. Funky. Reminds me of those teetering buildings made by kids with old-fashioned wooden blocks which you have to balance well (unlike Legos and Tinkertoys). :) At least it’s not just a big ol’ box.

    Wishing you a peaceful and prosperous new year!

  4. The photo is so good: catching the colours just with the right light to bring them out.

    However, the apartment building is not to my liking. It is the sort of building that will be dozed down in 20 years because it has become an eyesore. You may not think this but to me it does not seem at all people-friendly.

    Ha … my security word is IKEA …

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