6 thoughts on “button and clouds”

  1. This is a true treasure of a photo. I love the bright blue of the sky & the rich wooden color of the button sign.

  2. I just came here through a city daily photo blog. I love your compostion here and the subject. Interesting to find on a big city blog!

  3. Hi Lachezar – let me be the first to tell what’s behind this big button……it’s the opening to another whole world, a parallel universe you might say, cleverly disguised as a sign – of sorts. For those who are able to unlock the secret and ‘undo’ the button….and I might add here that a button was chosen over a zipper for its stronger more resolved form….there awaits a place of splendour where photographers are the Chosen Ones. You were drawn to it with very good reason! :-)

  4. great photo -like a advertisment poster! “buy our buttons, have seren spirit everyday” Cheers!

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