Sister cities

Aurora in South Africa and Sofia in Bulgaria are not officially sister cities of Auckland but friendship links me to both of them. Plus, Sofia is where I was born some time ago… So please enjoy and excuse my slight deviation from the rules of this theme day!.

Aurora – South Africa This is the church of the small town of Aurora on the South African West coast taken back in 2003. Aurora Daily by Shelagh is posting an Auckland photograph today!

Sofia – Bulgaria

A curious cat comes to get a closer look at my camera while I try to get a shot of these socialist era apartment buildings. So I got my shot… that was September 2007. Please visit Sofia Daily Photo by Antonia I’m sure she’s got a great shot today as always!

Many thanks to Shelagh and Antonia for allowing me to go ahead with this impromptu city sisterhood!

Today is Theme Day: Sister Cities. Please click here to view thumbnails for all participants

9 thoughts on “Sister cities”

  1. I love the Aurora photo — beautiful sky, beautiful church. And the cat — oh my, she’s a real princess, that one! ;)

  2. Oh, you feature both cities today. . .you are clever. I don’t think any of us thought to do that. I like your idea of featuring your “mother” city to which you have strong ties. That stormy sky over the church is a great drama shot background. I’ve been enjoying Shelagh’s photos and she’s a wonderful addition to the CDPB family. And who can resist the graceful charmer in your Sofia photo?! I want to give that sweetheart a scratch behind the ears. Friendly, like the people of Sofia I have met. Fun to see these places that mean so much to you!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  3. I like your take on theme day and I think you’re an amazing photographer. You’ve created a beautiful blog and I enjoyed visiting.

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