Fullers Ferries

Fullers Ferries depart form here to various destinations. I love watching them arrive and depart just as much as I love being on one of them. This photo just at dusk with the Auckland Hilton in the background.

And, by the way, today is Auckland Daily Photo 2nd birthday!
Thank you all for your visits, kind comments, support and encouragement!

14 thoughts on “Fullers Ferries”

  1. And for the picture – it’s a magnificent illustration of the dream to sail away…….

  2. Congratulations!
    I’m sure Auckland has many, many new friends thanks to your amazing, breathtaking, artistic pictures! (I’m one of them). Thank you also for the inspiration! Cheers!

  3. I find your photos a great inspiration, and I love the variety. You’ve surprised me heaps of time with your eye for a decent picture. Here’s hoping for many more birthdays….

  4. Hello Lachezar! Congratulations, bravo, bravo! You already know how I like your photos, their so particular atmosphere, this light which makes say “this one is a Lachezar’s shot!”. I often come tiptoeing from my Brittany and stay a moment enjoying your far far land.
    Thank you for this gift day after day. And please, excuse my clumsy English…

  5. Happy happy happy birthday, Lachezar. We were in Auckland on a Microsoft thing when you started this blog, and wasn’t it also around the time Queen Te Atairangikaahu’s passing? I remember the front page of the Herald on the hotel floor, and Louise posting it. So, two years already? Gee, I feel old!

  6. Congratulations on your second anniversary. I often visit here and am always inspired by how you manage to produce such excellent photos every day. Bravo!

  7. Congratulations on your 2nd Blogoversary, Lachezar. You are one of the very finest photographers among us and I know I speak for all your visitors when I say how wonderful it is to see your consistently wonderful shots of beautiful Aukland. Here’s to the start of a smashing 3rd year and more super images to come!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  8. Hi, I have been following this blog for about half a year and I have been very pleased. The quality is impressive, you are a true photographer in my opinion. This is one of the best photography blogs I know, and the best daily photo blog of a city. :) Keep up the good work, I have enjoyed and I will keep enjoying! You have done your job well, because Auckland has gone on my list of places to visit, Thank you!

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