At the bus stop

All Black Ali Williams appears to be sitting and enjoying a Coke at this Wellington bus stop, but he’s not for real… Its just an life size photograph as part of an All Blacks Coke Zero promotion…

5 thoughts on “At the bus stop”

  1. I love the campaign. Players look almost too real, esp when you drive past ’em.

  2. I love these life-size cut-out posters. Mighty tempting to try to bring home though, especially if I ever see one of a celebrity I like. ;)

  3. you know you’re posting about one of my favorite places – i used to live in mt vic – i’d walk down to this spot and go right around the bays – to get back home, i’d walk through the tunnel or via newtown past the public hospotal

  4. you know you’re posting on one of my favorite places to take a walk in wellington – i lived in mt vic and walked right around the bays on regular occassions, going back home through the mt vic tunnel or via newtown outside the public hospital

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