My Heart is a Beast

I happened upon it by chance just behind the Auckland Arts Gallery. Later I found out that it was a performance, part of the “Living Room Art at Home in the CBD” called “My Heart is a Beast”. A sort of a dance performance evoking the enigmatic presence of the half-human half-stag creature whose wild spirit blends into everyday urban life. It was supposed to asks us to consider ourselves in the city, a place where the beast no longer belongs. It wanted us to consider what civilisation means and how far we have travelled from animal to civilised human. Questions apart, it was a thrill, and it was fun. I’ll publish some more photos in the following couple of days.

2 thoughts on “My Heart is a Beast”

  1. The questions are the tough part. How far have we traveled?

    Thanks for participating in the Daily Photo Map. A thumbnail of your latest photo now appears on the map.

    Happy foraging through the wilds of city life (smile).

  2. Great shot. Nice selective desaturation. It looks like a spread in a high fashion magazine.

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