Morning coffee…


I’ve been meaning to photograph this piece of graffiti for quite some time now. It reminds me a bit of myself and my morning cup of coffee…
Captured at a vacant lot behind the kite shop on Upper Symonds Street .

7 thoughts on “Morning coffee…”

  1. Thanks for your comment Matt,
    I actually consider vandalism the tagging on top of the original graffiti piece.
    I never thought this piece of graffiti art as casual piece of vandalism but wasn’t aware that it was done for the Brazil coffee shop.


  2. Its not actually a proper piece of vandalism; its “viral-graffiti” marketing for ‘Brazil” the coffee shop a short walk away on K’ Road. ‘Brazil’ has gained renown for serving some of the best coffee in New Zealand despite the trashy/derelict look of the place! I’ve also noticed some great graffiti around the old stadium just off The Strand in Parnell if you are ever round there.

  3. I am really enjoying your website. Such interesting photos! I’m on the other side of the world, where it’s starting to be winter, so you spring blossoms reminded me of the nature of the earth!

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