The old man and his dog


This homeless old man is a fixture on queen Street. He plays the clarinet or just sits with his dog. I used the photoshop motion blur filter, as much to improve the distracting background as to emphasize the divide between the two separate worlds running in parallel.

8 thoughts on “The old man and his dog”

  1. one always wonders seeing the good looking dog just how badly off the man really is — but I feel guilty about feeling cynical

  2. Very moving photo. I was interested to see the dog has tag around his neck. You’d not see that on dogs in France – just a rope or an old collar, if they are lucky. This dog, happily, looks well-fed and it’s obvious they are a couple who need each other. Great shot. I saw something similar to this once driving around Menton – a man and dog in the middle of a roundabout. I couldn’t stop as I was driving unfortunately and so missed it. Dogs mean so much to homeless people – dogs mean so much, regardless – let’s face it.

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