Tibetan art


Pending the visit of the Dalai  Lama in Auckland next week, these young Tibetan Monks were demonstrating the art of “Mandala”.
The coloured powders are poured from a metal funnel by gently running a metal rod on its surface. The vibrations caused by the metal rod makes the powder flow.
Mandala, was explaned to be a symbolic geometric pattern, which is a metaphysical or symbolical representation of the cosmos, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.

3 thoughts on “Tibetan art”

  1. Great photos! Kansas City also recently hosted a few monks as they worked on a similar project at our Union Station. Apparently, while no one was looking, a small child gained access to the mandalas and messed them up! The mother looked around and then quickly walked out with her child … BUT, it was caught on video camera. :)

    The monks said, “No problem, we will start again.” Remarkable!

  2. Interesting this!! anyway which camera do you use, Lachezar? I loved the pics on this blog and know that this is not some cell phone camera you are using…

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