Westhaven Marina


Its actually a reflection in the window of one of the  buildings at the marina. Somehow I liked the reflection better than the original…

6 thoughts on “Westhaven Marina”

  1. could you please email me the picture you have for april 5, 2007? I just recently got engaged in NZ and am now back in Canada. We would like to put a panoramic photo of NZ on our wedding invitations, but I didnt take any panoramics when there! Would you mind sharing for our wedding invitations? Thank you so much! It is a gorgeous one.

    Jo-Anna Arseneau

  2. Your pictures are fantastic! I loved to visit Auckland some years ago, but your photos show it in a superb way. Great job!

  3. I like your reflection photograph. A lot of times people do not see the reflection if it doesn’t mirror the image above. So they look for water reflections but often the reflection is in a hubcap or in the eye or in places few people look at.

    Nice shot. I am glad you saw it.

    Surprise, surprise, surprise. It’s me!
    Brookville Daily Photo

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