3 thoughts on “The London Bar”

  1. This is a clean-cut photograph with a spot of color. I like it. Then the name, “London Bar,” threw me. I am not sure so will explain.

    It is a very substantial-looking place to house a “bar” which is what we call a place that sells beer, sometimes sandwiches, and people seem bleary-eyed and often unreasonable. We also call a “bar” by many other names—beer joint and tavern to name two. I think bar is not the same as Pub.

    So since I cannot even imagine a bar selling beer in cans could afford digs like this, I am assuming it houses a legal establishment that is filled with “lawyers” or barristers and attorneys.

    Whichever…I like the photo.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  2. The spots of colour on the windowsill look so bright and cheery on the drab gray of the building!

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