6 thoughts on “Rangitoto again”

  1. Love this photo of Rangitoto Island.
    This was about the last view we had of NZ six years ago now before driving to the airport and saying goodbye.

  2. Thank you for visiting my dp and taking time to write some nice words, coming from you who take such great photos, it is always a real congratulation.I wish you a nice week!

  3. It looks like the water is sliding towards your camera – wouldn’t you like to slide away on one of those boats!

  4. I am delighted that I can much more easily relate to the bay scenes you’ve shown lately !
    Tried to reply to you by email but my msgs were returned to me- sending failed!
    So replying via this comment :

    Hi Lachezar,

    Of course you’re right, I should have contacted you when I was in AKL; I would have loved a coffee and chat with you!

    My only excuse was that this trip was very short and with my husband and daughter, and also very losely planned. We had arranged to spend most of our 4 days in NZ around Rotorua, saving just one final day in AKL, no hotel boooked, no timings set. I guess that’s what a travel agent’s holidays are about, not making any travel plans for herself !?!

    Had the best of times, but still you are giving me regrets now. Will certainly let you know about a future trip if there is one.


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