Around the World on a Motorbike


This is Vladimir Yarets, he is a native of Minsk (Belarus) and he is 64 years old.
He is aiming at a Guinness Book world record to be the first deaf person to do a round the world trip on a motorbike.
I met him a couple of hours ago on Queen Street. I took his photo and wished him success.Godspeed Vladimir!
His web site is:


  1. Mandi April 11, 2007


  2. Ben April 11, 2007

    Nice smile, great man.
    Excellent portrait snap. I wish a safe trip and lot’s of fun for him.

  3. keith April 11, 2007

    that looks like he has found a great way to spend his retirement

    by the way your link to his site goes straight back to your site

  4. jing April 11, 2007

    wish him nice trip!!!

  5. kris April 11, 2007

    nice smile :) wish him success!

  6. Nathalie April 12, 2007


    You know what I found amazing in Queen street yesterday? THe new pedestrian crossing signs with the little green mans whose legs move – and the countdown to the green light for cars. Very useful I found.
    If you ever get a chance to take a (moving?) photo of that… wonder if they are anywhere else in the world. Not in Sydney yet anyway.

    Was also taken aback by the bungee jumping – had seen jumps from bridges or cranes of various heights of course, but never the springing up version starting from the ground. What a shock to witness that!

  7. magiceye April 12, 2007

    Admirable spirit!!! My best wishes are with him. shall track him thru his site. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Victoria April 12, 2007

    Wow, what an interesting and inspiring man!

  9. Meg April 12, 2007

    But but but… how did he cycle to New Zealand?

  10. Gerald April 12, 2007

    fascinating man
    iceland to spain via andorra?
    canary islands to venezuela
    hitched a lift on a container I suppose

  11. Anastasia April 27, 2007

    Wow. ive met him in Perth. Thats great to see that hi mad it, im mean trip along Australia. Hi is unbelievable!!!!!

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