Orewa beach


Auckland was rocked by a 4.5 Richter earthquake last night and it was big news this morning. Auckland, as opposed to Wellington is not used to be shaken. So it did create a mild stir, except for earthquake hardened Wellington and Hastings expats. It happen 15km deep and 30km east of Orewa. So as they say: “You never know what lies beneath”

2 thoughts on “Orewa beach”

  1. We were way down in Kaikoura that day with two earthquake-hardened Japanese (my parents). We were giggling a bit, thinking Auckand does sit on volcanic cones… Glad nobody got hurt, tho.

  2. Tena koe ehoa
    I actually felt a tremor where I am Lachezar, 10 mins north of Hamilton. I thought to myself at first that it was one of the heavy vehicles carrying metal or the like that go up and down the road near where I live, but the tremor went on for to long and with a different feel and shake from that of one those heavy vehicles.
    Didn’t hear the report till later and then put two and two together.
    Yep never know what’s under there but should always assume that it’s just a matter of when and not if.

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