Queen Mary 2


Auckland woke up Saturday Morning to find the Queen Mary 2 under a lamppost at the Auckland Domain…

…and then chaos ensued as royalty crazed Auckland scrambled to take a peek as if it was the Queen herself. The fact that because of its sheer size the QM2 couldn’t berth at the regular cruise ship wharf, and it was berthed at the container terminal didn’t help too, as the infamous Ports of Auckland red fence kept people at bay like in a zoo… See photo at the Final Edit

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4 thoughts on “Queen Mary 2”

  1. I’ve been on two cruises and you do not get bored or feel trapped. There is so many different things to do [or not do if you prefer] that you can keep busy or just relax. You only unpack once and then you can just enjoy it.

  2. Inventive point of view on the QM2. The thing looks huge. No I’ve never on a cruise either. Oddly enough I think even on a really big ship I’d probably feel trapped after a while. Funny story about Auckland’s response to its arrival.

  3. I never been on a large ship like this. But I am afraid after the first few hours I would be bored. Of course depends on the company with me:)

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