Auckland daily photo extra!

This photo was my first post in this blog.
This view is what is at stake tonight.
The New Zealand government is pushing for a rugby stadium to be built on Auckland’s waterfront, right on the water’s edge. By the year 2011 this view may be obscured by a 12 stories high stadium wall.
The Auckland City Council is deliberating tonight on whether to approve this venue for a new stadium – government’s choice – or to recommend the refurbishment of the existing Eden Park stadium. Let’s hope that reason prevails.

This is why these people were protesting today

If you are interested you can follow up on the NZ Herald web site.
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5 thoughts on “Auckland daily photo extra!”

  1. What I find really interesting is how neat the penmanship is on the signs. The protests I see are usually full of sloppily written signs.

  2. waterfront stadium sounds appealing to visitors/tourists; however to meet with strong opposition, it must have more cons than pros.

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