It’s not Paris! It’s the Aotea Square weekend mark…

It’s not Paris!
It’s the Aotea Square weekend market in Auckland ;)

5 thoughts on “It’s not Paris! It’s the Aotea Square weekend mark…”

  1. I was visiting Paris. Paris is an incredible city. Maybe, the most incredible city of the world.
    However, I have been visiting Auckland, too.
    I’m convinced Auckland is one of the most convenient city to live, most human scale city, most kind,… around the world (like almost any other NZ City)!!!

  2. I am keeping track of the places that I wish to visit in Auckland, all from your DP.

    Hopefully I get to Auckland to do the Bridgeclimb there!

  3. One of the things I like about your photos, especially today’s and yesterday’s, is you compose it with different unrelated elements yet they do relate to each other visually – they’re not just noise or clutter or trying to include too much. Really fine compositions!

  4. Tena koe ehoa
    Paris it certainly isn’t! Not that I’d know, I’ve never been to Paris, 8(
    A great place to look around, the markets in Aotea Square.

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